What is all about caring mental health?

Everyone has fear and is a Part of survival. Someone will have a response when presented in the environment. Adrenaline is pupils increased rate of breathing and a hormone that causes several changes including increased heart rate. There is currently shunting of the blood circulation in the digestive tract and the skin into the skeletal muscles which may be felt as having the butterflies in the stomach or having numbness and tingling sensations of the extremities. These physical changes permit the individual to prepare to resist the threat or to run from it the so-called fight-or-flight response. Breathing rate and the heart rate enables the blood to provide oxygen and this procedure is farther aided by the blood. The pupils allow assessing the threat and the brain becomes hyper vigilant and more alert allowing you to scan their surroundings so as to take care of the danger that is external. Mental Health

This fear response goes when one begins to anticipate danger or begins to get thoughts coping skills. In this circumstance the fear response is increased by one’s ideas about the event or future occasion where the overestimation of underestimating and danger of a person’s coping contributes. Along with the body perceives the manner to fear and anxiety. When one has anxiety the answer is triggered and serves no purpose since the threat is more with their own thoughts – in the mind of one. Anxiety becomes an anxiety Disorder once the stress symptoms cause impairment of functioning in work/school and relationships and the individual not able to control the stress and has significant distress. The anxiety disorders include panic disorder specific phobia social anxiety generalized anxiety disorder post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety disorders include substance induced anxiety because of a medical condition anxiety disorder acute stress disorder adjustment disorder with anxiety separation anxiety disorder and mutes. Each disorder is associated with a specific heart pressure symptom:

Phobia – of an object or situation

Social phobia- fear of social scrutiny

Panic disorder- panic attacks

Mental HealthAnxiety treatment involves Psychotherapy with cognitive behavioural therapy CBT with the most evidence for efficacy. CBT works that situations or events do not cause the anxiety the ideas we significance we provide occasions or have causes the anxiety. Additionally CBT addresses but has stress relief in the short term. Other types of psychotherapy include insight or depth oriented psychotherapy which addresses the determinants of the anxiety and the causes.

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