What Is 5g? Were The Allegations Correct Regarding 5g?

5g is a fifth-generation mobile network that got accessible worldwide in 2019.Many of us want to know what is 5g?It is a wireless technology for telecommunication. It has broader, enhanced and more advanced features than previous ones. In this row of generation of telecommunication network, 1g was the first one to launch and then 2g, 3g and 4g as follows. Most of them were accessible to all the models of cell phones, but 4g and 5g are not accessible to every smartphone model. Some of thebest features of 5g are it has low latency and the high visual quality one can have. As it is the most novel telecommunication network, it must have some ultra-modern features and enhanced network quality. It has an ultra-fast speed with a high potentiality to access most devices. It is connected to any cellphone through a local antenna,and radioactive waves work. Movies and games can be downloaded within a few minutes in 5g network.

False Claims On 5g

Since the 5g network has been launched, many environmentalists have protested against 5g and demanded to stop throwing the network. But many of them were false allegations or could not get any evidence to prove in court as there was a myth spread that 5g is the new COVID variant. It has some harm and disorder symptoms with it. But this was undoubtedly a myth. There were many other allegations, it was claimed that 5g affectsneural or cognitive function, but still, it does not have any evidence to prove that 5g affects the neurological system of humans.

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