Best Things To Know About BBQ Seafood In Singapore

Barbequing can even make the simplest seafood recipes very delicious. Barbecuing can add a smoky flavor that cannot be done properly in the kitchen. Some of the important facts about theĀ bbq seafood singapore have been discussed in this article.

Important tips to know for doing BBQ of the seafood

bbq seafood singapore

Some of the important aspects one must take into account at the time of Barbecuing the seafood as mentioned below:

  1. It is necessary to buy the fresh fish one can. It is necessary to buy fresh fish from the local store. One can also order the seafood from an authorized online dealer. The desired fish must have bright eyes, have a fresh sea smell as well as good color present on the gills.
  2. One must have all the cooking tools necessary for doing the BBQ. It is mainly recommended to have a flexible metal fish slice spatula having a thin-edged blade. This will mainly help in turning the fish easily.
  3. The cooking must be done on a flat as well as hot surface This will mainly help in absorbing the wood or smoke flavor from the charcoal or the wood fire. For this purpose, a seasoned cast iron mainly works perfectly. In the case of live fire, a good heavy cast iron pan will mainly work well.
  4. At the time of preparing the fish, the whole fish is mainly the perfect option. The thick filets mainly work fine. It is necessary to remember to keep the skin, as this mainly protects the fish at the time of cooking. For preventing the fish from sticking, it is necessary to pat dry the fish with the help of kitchen paper. It is necessary to lightly oil the fish before cooking.

These are some of the important facts to know about bbq seafood in Singapore.

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